Arizona Vortex Multipod Feet



Technical Specifications

Aircraft grade alloy

Flat: 1.3kg
Raptor: 470g

Manufacturer’s Product Codes
Flat: VXFF
Raptor: VXRF

Help make a flexible AHD better

The Arizona Vortex Multipod is the most flexible device of its kind currently available, but it does not come with feet. This allows the end user to choose the feet that will best suit their needs. Multiple sets of Vortex feet can also be purchased for added versatility.

Two type of Vortex feet are available,the flat foot and the raptor foot.

  • The flat foot is designed to work well on flat surfaces such as floors, roadways or roofs and has a wide surface area, which helps prevent penetration. It fetures a rubber layer on the bottom of the foot which optimises it’s grip on flat surfaces.
  • The Raptor Foot works best on rock surfaces or in soft soil it has a replaceable carbide tip that helps the foot penetrate the surface, this helps to anchor the foot in place. It is able to rotate to best direct the claws force downward allowing it to make the most of small holes or cracks in the surface
  • Both feet have a variety of machined holes which allow for a variety of anchoring/hobblinb options.

The ultimate safety of the Arizona Vortex rests in the knowledge and training of those setting up the system. We strongly advise that you do not use the Vortex, or any other AHD, without first undertaking appropriate product training. If you are unsure of where to start, please give us a call or have a look at our AHD Workshop.


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