Edelrid Roka-e

Friction Saver with Integrated Pulley Wheels


Edelrid has combined the design and the efficiency of traditional mountain sports gear with arborist equipment to create the Roka-e. The resultant cambium protector leaves nothing to be desired. It is as easy to use as a standard friction saver, but the integrated pulley wheels provide a smooth climb by reducing friction considerably.

Other features of the Edelrid Roka-e include:-
  • Available in three lengths
  • The new 3-layer 16 mm webbing is lightweight, flexible and extremely strong.
  • Large and small eyelets for ropes with spliced ends (splice is attached to the small eyelet)
  • Wear & tear parts like the strap and pulley wheels can be exchanged easily by the user
  • Precision screws are fixed with a defined torque of 6Nm


Please note that adequate training and judgment are needed to reduce the risks inherent in the use of this equipment. It is the responsibility of the purchaser to ensure that the user is adequately and competently trained in the use of this product. We strongly advise that you do not use the Roka-e without first undertaking appropriate training.



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EN 795 B

Technical Specifications
Length: 90cm, 120cm, 150cm
Strength: 22kn