Conterra Scarab Rescue Tool



Technical Specifications

S/S: NFPA G Rated for 1.5mm rope

S/S: 146mm x 66.7mm x 12.7mm
31.8mm diameter crossbar
for 9 – 13mm ropes
Ti: 133.4mm x 60.3mm x 12.7mm
31.8mm diameter crossbar
for 6-11mm ropes

S/S: Stainless Steel
Ti: Titanium

S/S MBS: 27kN
Ti MBS: 20kN

S/S: 385g
Ti: 185g

Manufacturer’s Product Code
Ti: STI1

The Conterra Scarab, a Revolutionary New Rope Rescue Device.


The Conterra Scarab is a small, simple and strong device that can easily perform general rescues, pickoffs, twin rope systems, controlling of heavy rescue loads plus more.  It is incredibly strong and simple to use. The Scarab has two models available to suit either urban or wilderness rescue environments, or where light weight gear is a preferred option.

The Conterra Scarab TI is an ultra light mountain rescue tool. Machined from solid Titanium plate, the TI weights in at just 185g.

The TI’s brother, the Conterra Scarab FR is an ultra versatile general rescue tool. Machined from solid 303 stainless plate, the FR weighs 385g.

Absolutely essential for wilderness rescue applications, some other features of the Scarab include:-

  • Incredibly strong
  • Does not twist the rope
  • Instantly adjustable friction
  • Lower 270kg loads with two fingers
  • Super easy lock off
  • Easy use, right or left handed
  • Single and double rope capable
  • Attach rope without unclipping


pdfConterra Scarab User Instructions

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