Maillon Rapide Delta



Technical Specifications

6mm: Not certified for PPE
8mm: EN 362, EN 12275
10mm: EN 362, EN 12275
12mm: EN 362, EN 12275

6mm: 56 x 47mm/7.5mm gate opening
8mm: 73 x 56mm/10.0mm gate opening
10mm: 87 x 66mm/12.0mm gate opening
12mm: 104 x 75mm/15.0mm gate opening

Zinc plated steel

6mm: 1250kg
8mm: 27kN long axis; 10kN short axis
10mm: 45kN long axis; 10kN short axis
12mm: 55kN long axis; 10kN short axis

6mm: 39g
8mm: 88g
10mm: 153g
12mm: 256g

Manufacturer’s Product Code
6mm: MRDZ06.0
8mm: MRDZ08.0 EN
10mm: MRDZ10.0 EN
12mm: MRDZ12.0 EN

Reliable and Durable Quicklink


The Delta Maillion Rapide quicklink is ideal in situations where a multi-directional load is exerted. They are also commonly used where a wide web is connected such as in a harness to chest connection. The maillon is a perfect match for systems where a permament or semi-permament connection is required. Strong, compact and inexpensive, maillons are a great choice for rigging and working at heights.

Other features include:-

  • Maillons are available in a range of sizes and shapes (see Oval Maillons), to suit most requirements
  • Some sizes are PPE certified, please check the Technical Specs below
  • Maillon Rapide quick links used as a connector on PPE (personal protective equipment) against falls from heights, mountaineering and rock climbing, are distinguished by a specific marking
  • Breaking strength in kN is identified on each Maillon Rapide meant for application in PPE. (Breaking strength must not be under 25 kN).

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