Kong Tango 360

A Double Gate Connector Hook with a Swivel!

The Kong Tango 360 is an integration of Kong’s popular Tango with a swivel. The highly efficient swivel has an overload indicator that activates if the Tango 360 is stressed with loads of between 200 and 300kg.

Other features of the Kong Tango 360 include:
  • The Kong Double Gate safety system with it’s natural push/pull action gives the user safety and ease of use
  • The connector incorporates Kong’s patented Key Lock System, so there are no accidental snags when you’re hard at work.
  • The large size and wide gate opening means that the hook is perfect for tricky rigging jobs
  • Each Tango 360 is indivdually tested
  • Made in Italy.
What we like about the Tango 360

Kong suggests that the Tango 360 can be used for scaffolding and arborist work; but we can see endless possibilities. The combination of the large gate opening (26mm) and the high strength (30kN see Tech Specs) on the connector and the in-built swivel to help stop rope twist means that we can use this piece of kit in both our everyday rigging and for our more complex jobs. Plus, well …. it just looks good.


Please note that adequate training and judgment are needed to reduce the risks inherent in the use of this equipment. It is the responsibility of the purchaser to ensure that the user is adequately and competently trained in the use of this product. We strongly advise that you do not use the Tango 360 without first undertaking appropriate training.



In stock

EN 12275
EN 362/T


175mm x 70mm with a 26mm gate opening


30 kN long axis, 10 kN short axis, 15 kN open gate

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