Yates Bungee Tool Tether


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Technical Specifications

83cm to 147cm

Static: 4kN
WLL: 4.5kg

Unique High Strength Tool Tether

The Yates Bungee Tool Tether is strong, durable and practical. Due to it’s retractable nature, this tether is great for use with most tools and work positions. Perfect for securing gear when working at heights.

Features of the Yates Bungee Tool Tether include:-

  • Retracted length of 83cms
  • Full extension of 147cms
  • One end is designed with half twist to allow for girth hitching of tools
  • It is made in the USA

Why would you use a tool tether when you’re working at heights?

First and foremost, to prevent injuries caused by dropped tools. We all know that if you loose your hold on a tool as you’re working, then as it drops, it will accelerate exponentially. So, by the time it impacts, the force could be deadly to anybody who happens to be standing or passing below your work area, even if they are wearing a helmet.

Secondly, tethers, if used properly, can help you keep your most important, or most used tools as handy as possible. Use a bucket or bag for your other tools, especially tools for which a tether would be inappropriate.

Thirdly, a tool tether could save you money. Who wants to have to replace an expensive piece of equipment because it’s been dropped.

Finally, because it’s the law.


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