Skylotec Stropp

A Sturdy, Stretchy Tool Lanyard

The Skylotec Stropp is a tough tool lanyard that stretches from approximately 70cm to 120cm. It can support up to 10kg and is designed for large tools such as drills or electric saws.

The Skylotec Stropp is a great lanyard solution for protecting against dropping tools whilst working at height. Pair with the Petzl Caritool for quick racking of larger tools.

For a smaller tool lanyard that includes its own auto-locking connector, see the Skylotec Long Leash Flex.

Additional features of the Skylotec Stropp:-
  • Offers enough flex that it is comfortable to work with
  • Large metal ring for easy connection
  • Doesn’t twist or wear out the cable even after many uses.

Please note that adequate training and judgment are needed to reduce the risks inherent in the use of this equipment. It is the responsibility of the purchaser to ensure that the user is adequately and competently trained in the use of this product.



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