Petzl Toolbag



Technical Specifications

Small: 19cm x 19cm (2.5L)
Large: 19cm x 30cm (5.0L)

Small: 170g
Large: 240g


Maximum Load
Small: 5kg
Large: 15kg

Manufacturer’s Product Code
Small: TRP7
Large: TRP6

Stay Organised with the Petzl Toolbag Tool Pouch

The Petzl Toolbag tool pouch allows the user to organise their tools whilst in suspension. The pouch comes in two sizes and attaches easily to any type of harness. The small Toolbag takes a maximum load of 5kg and is perfect for holding a measuring tape, pencils, screws and nuts. The Large size takes a maximum load of 15kg is ideal for hand tools such as hammers and screwdrivers.

Further features of the Petzl Toolbag tool pouch include:

  • Available in Small (19cm x 19cm) and Large (19cm x 30cm)
  • The large Toolbag has two handy external scabbards which are just great for hand tools (used in conjuction with a tool lanyard if working at height)
  • The large Toolbag also has dual zippers at the front so that it can be opened up to extend the capacity of the bag.
  • Cordlock system allows the pouch to be closed easily during transport or when moving about on rope.

If you’d also like to be able to connect your tools directly to your harness, why not have a look at the Petzl Caritool.

What We Like About the Petzl Toolbags

What we like about the Petzl Toolbags is that their bright colour makes it easier to see what’s in the bag. Sounds over simple doesn’t it? But, honestly, light shines through and around the yellow material making it easier to find that pesky item you’re looking for.

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