Conterra Techsar Rope Module



Technical Specifications

61cm x 38cm x 17.5cm (40L)


Ballistic Nylon

Manufacturer’s Product Code
Black: TRP7
Blue: TRP6
Red: TRP5

Techsar, the Perfect Pair

The Techsar® Rope Bag Module is specifically designed to work with the Techsar® Rigging Pack. You can arrive on-site with all of your gear, even your rope, neatly stowed in one compact kit; and your rigging gear remains fully accessible even while your rope bag is attached.

The Techsar® rope bag sports straps that allow you to carry the system like a duffel bag when attached to the Techsar® Rigging Bag. Or, as the Rope Bag Module has a bandolier shoulder strap, a truly unique feature of the system is that when the Techsar® rope bag and the rigging pack are attached to one another, the two bandolier straps act together, allowing the system to be carried like a backpack!

Features of the Conterra Techsar Rope Bag Module include:-

  • Holds 100m of 11mm rope (or 67m of 13mm)
  • Double ended, access your rope from either end
  • Padded and constructed with Ballistics nylon for years of use
  • Includes a haul loop and a bandolier shoulder strap
  • Strap system also allows a rescuer to wear the bag on their front when climbing a caged ladder
  • External identifier window suitable for rope log
  • Available in Red, Blue or Black
  • Made in the USA

Although the Techsar® Rope Bag Module is shaped to seamlessly attach to the Techsar Rigging Pack, you can use your Rope Bag Module either with the Techsar® Rigging Pack or as a standalone rope bag.

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