Conterra Rigging Utility Pouch

Rigging Pouch with Velcro Strap and Pockets


The Conterra Rigging Utility Pouch is a compact, tidy bundle that is ideal for the industrial and/or rescue technician. Designed to be attached around your harness webbing, the Conterra Rigging Pouch is also a great option for keeping your Aztek both handy and tidy.

Features of the Conterra Rigging Utility Pouch include:-

  • main zipped pouch easily holds ten metres 8/9mm cord
  • front pocket designed to hold set of Purcell prusiks & carabiner
  • holster on one side for trauma shears/knife/etc
  • velcro strap on other side for rescue gloves or pulley system
  • clip pouch to harness with carabiner or attach with velcro strap


In stock

500 denier cordura

Approximately 24 x 16.5 x 11.5cm

Made in USA

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