Conterra Rigging Bag



Technical Specifications

Overall: 20.3cm x 40.6cm x 76.2cm (62L)
Saddlebag pockets: 20.3cm x 10.2cm x 50.8cm (10.5L)


Dupont Cordura with high visibilty reflective tape

Manufacturer’s Product Code
Black: RRB3
Blue: RRB1
Red: RRB2

Rescue Made Easy with the Conterra Rigging Bag.


The Conterra Rigging Bag is a modular rescue bag designed to organise your technical rope gear into a handy package for ease of transport and quick on-site deployment. The main compartment can comfortably carry 75m of rescue rope whilst the huge side pockets with dividing sections will help keep your hardware sorted.

Designed for all those in the industrial, tech rescue and search and rescue communities, and anyone who needs a well designed response style kit for in the field.

Other features of the Conterra Rigging Bag include:-

  • Made entirely out of Dupont Cordura, with high visibilty reflective tape
  • Can be carried by the grab handles, or worn as a backpack
  • Saddlebag pockets open with huge zippers & clear vinyl window
  • Saddlebag pockets detach and can be used separately from the rope bag
  • Opens at both ends to provide quick access to either end of the rope for advanced techniques
  • Available in three colours, which is great if you wish to create system packages
  • Made in USA

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