Aztek Pro Bag


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Technical Specifications

22cm x 26cm x 6cm (3.5L)


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The AZTEK Pro Bag

The AZTEK Pro Bag is a leg bag that has specifically been designed by Rock Exotica for an AZTEK Pulley kit, but is so tempting that you’re sure to want one for other uses as well.

There is a top zipper that has been designed to give access to the pulley set of an AZTEK and a bottom zipper for deployment of the edge restraint.  The top loop of the pouch attaches to your harness and the main part of the bag rests snuggly against your thigh.

Additional features of the AZTEK Pro Bag include:-

  • It is available in black and Rock’s special colour, black
  • The adjustable leg straps are wide with elastic elements for comfort
  • There is an additional large zippered pocket at the front
  • There are two rows of Molle strap for other gear like carabiners
  • Made in the USA.

Please note, the AZTEK kit is pictured, but not included.

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