Petzl Ascension



Technical Specifications

EN 567
EN 12841 type B
NFPA 1983 Light Use

Rope Compatibility
8 – 13mm

Stainless Steel


Manufacturer’s Product Code
Left: B17ALA
Right: B17ARA

Ergonomic Handled Rope Clamp


The Petzl Ascension is designed for ascending a rope but may occasionally be used for hauling. The ascender has a wide, ergonomic moulded handle that allows for a comfortable yet powerful grip. There are lower holes for connecting a lanyard and/or footloop and an upper hole through which a carabiner attaches the device to the rope.

Features of the Petzl Ascension include:

  • The handle includes a rubber over moulded grip which improves comfort and increases your grip in wet or sweaty conditions
  • The wide opening allows the handle to be easily grasped, even when wearing thick gloves
  • A mono-frame construction eliminates weaknesses and keeps the ascender lightweight and durable
  • Ergonomic upper part to maximize power when pulling with two hands
  • Multiple attachment points allow for different uses
  • The safety catch prevents the cam from opening too far thus keeping the rope captured for added safety
  • The safety catch is also totally integrated into the body of the ascender to help prevent snagging
  • Toothed cam with self-cleaning slot optimizes performance under any conditions
  • Wide lower hole for easily attaching two carabiners for a lanyard and footloop
  • Available in left-handed and right-handed versions.


pdfPetzl Ascension Technical Notice

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