Arizona Vortex Multipod

The Vortex, a Flexible AHD

The Arizona Vortex Multipod is technically an ‘artificial high directional’ or AHD. Developed over many years primarily by Reed Thorne of Ropes That Rescue and Rock Thompson of Rock Exotica, the Arizona Vortex is one of the most flexible devices of its kind currently available. The Vortex can be configured in a significant number of specific modes including tripod, easel A frame, ‘lazy leg’ A frame, sideways A frame and gin pole. The additional permutations are, however, endless making the Arizona Vortex Multipod the perfect choice for rope access technicians, rescue operators, emergency medical responders and stunt riggers.

Other features of the Arizona Vortex Multipod include:-

  • the A frame joiner section and gin pole head can be used together or as separate AHDs
  • the smallest adjustment increment across the system is only 7.6cm making it ideal for difficult confined space and USAR operations
  • WLL is around 450kg
  • can be fitted with two different types of feet: ‘Raptor’ and flat omni
  • A frame head can be be fitted with ‘head set sheaves’ for an ultra low gain system (maximising head height in a lift)
  • all parts are available separately and are replaceable

Please note that the ultimate safety of the Arizona Vortex rests in the knowledge and training of those setting up the system. We strongly advise that you do not use the Vortex without first undertaking appropriate product training.

Please also know that this item is a special order item and may not be shipped within our normal timeframe of 1-2 business days.



In stock (can be backordered)

Rated G (General Use), MBS 36kN for the following configurations:
– Configuration # 1 – Tripod – All legs equal length (See User's Manual for configuration specifications)

– Configuration # 2 – Easel (See User's Manual for configuration specifications)

Aircraft grade alloy

WLL: 4.5kN (depends on configuration however)
MBS: 36kN
Pins: Head unit pins 142kN shear
Leg pins 80kN shear

Inside height clearance in regular tripod configuration: 2.7 m
Horizontal clearance at foot level in 2.7m height configuration: 8 ft. 9 in. (2.6 m)
Height with additional legs: 3.7m

System Weight
28 kg, note standard system weight as listed below, that is, does not include feet

Available in
– Full kit comprising gin head, A frame head, three upper legs and seven lower legs
– Feet sold separately (Raptor or Flat omni)
– Kit bags sold separately

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