Petzl Caritool

A One-Hand Operated Tool Carrier

The Petzl Caritool is a simple tool carrier that can be fitted onto your harness, adding more overall utility where you need it.  The Petzl Caritool allows you to take tools off and put them back on again using one hand only. It is available in two sizes.

Features of the Caritool include:
  • It has a large holding basket
  • It is easy to put on where you need an extra tool carrier
  • It slips on through your harness straps and is kept in place by a stablising clip
  • There is a small hole on top for attaching a tool tether
  • The gate has an integrated plastic cover which limits the risk of snagging.

Please note that the Petzl Caritool is designed to hold tools and accessories only. It is not designed for life support. Please take note of the maximum allowable loads given below.


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Maximum Allowable Load
Small Version: 5kg
Large Version: 15kg

Small Version: 35g
Large Version: 75g

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