SAR Tech Tip: CMC AZTEK ProSeries System

CMC AZTEK ProSeries System

The CMC AZTEK (AriZona Technician’s Edge Kit) is an incredibly versatile ‘set of fours’ that can be used in more than a hundred different roles and contexts.

The AZTEK ProSeries System is the first AZTEK system to be NFPA certified for General Use, with an MBS of 38kN.

What really sets the AZTEK system apart is the fact that it has a mechanical advantage (MA) set on one end, and an edge restraint kit on the other. This makes it the perfect tool in a wilderness setting but can also be used in a multitude of industrial applications.

The AZTEK system has a much larger throw than any other set of fours on the market, extending out to 3.6 metres, and the personal edge restraint has almost 15.2 m of adjustable travel.


The newly improved AZTEK ProSeries system not only as has an MBS 2kN stronger than the AZTEK Elite Pulley System, but it also comes with protective sleeve on the the edge-restraint end and a recently updated bag made from a new ultra-durable fabric.

'inside' 9:1 MA system
Tech Tip: use the AZTEK to create an ‘inside’ 9:1 MA system

Tech Tip:

By combining the AZTEK 4:1 system with 2 Prusiks (or any rope grab), you can achieve an ‘inside’ 9:1 mechanical advantage when a progress capture device, such as the CMC Clutch or MPD, is in place (see image right).

Just some of the many other uses of the AZTEK include:

  • Quickly adjusts litter attendant position
  • High angle litter scoops
  • Solo pick-off
  • Easily pass knots
  • Correct disoriented equipment under load
  • Effortlessly transfer loads
  • Promptly establish dynamic fixed brakes
  • Pretensioned back-ties
  • Redirect anchors
  • Establish travel restriction
  • Dynamic directionals
  • Dynamic lowers
  • Hauling systems
  • High angle attendant tether
  • Load-releasing hitch
  • Personal mechanical advantage (PMA)
  • Tensioned guying
  • plus much more!

Once you use the AZTEK, you really start to get an appreciation for just how versatile this bit of kit really is.

Reminder: AZTEK software has a recommended lifespan of 5 years from date of manufacture, so don’t forget to switch out old software as required. If you have out-of-date software and you purchase the replacements from us, we will reeve it for you at no additional cost.


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