SAR Tech Tip: Hobbling your Vortex

When an imposed or resultant load is placed on any AHD, such as the Arizona Vortex Multipod, it is usually a requirement to ‘hobble’ the feet. This simply means preventing one or more of the feet from splaying outwards when the load is on the frame. Hobbling can be done with cord, rope, webbing or chain & is usually a matter of running the ‘hobble’ material through each of the feet (effectively mapping out the ‘footprint’ of the frame) & securing.

A surprisingly simple & effective tool for hobbling any frame is the CMC Hobble Strap. The orange webbing straps are super easy to adjust & set via the cam buckle and the open end hooks easily connect to AZ Vortex feet, back onto the strap, or on to any object that will work as a hobble anchor.

A very neat trick that removes a potentially problematic hobble strap from an edge transition is the ‘Y hobble’ technique. Simply run a hobble strap between the two front feet of the frame but then pull it back from its centre via a second strap from the rear of the frame. Set the two straps to tension and job done. The ‘Y hobble’ technique removes the problem of an elevated strap right where the load is transitioning… plus you only need two straps to hobble the whole frame (leaving a third to solve another rigging problem if necessary).

Written by William Proctor
05 April 2022

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