• What Gear do I need to Do Rope Access?

    We are often asked by people who are interested in starting in rope access what gear they will need to start work. Our short answer is that the equipment that you need to start in rope access varies slightly depending on where you will be working. What you eventually purchase will also depend on what gear you are most comfortable using and wearing. We finish this answer by strongly recommending that you should undertake rope access training before you buy ANY kit. During your training try all of the options that the trainer provides, and then make your decision on what to buy based on the knowledge you have just acquired. Given this answer, the following list is only a guideline of what may be included in a typical rope access kit:  


    There are, of course, many additional items you might need like gear bags, rope bags, rope guards and pulleys, however, the above list would be your basic kit and you should budget between $2,500 and $3,500 to get started.  (Participants on our rope access courses receive discounts on our advertised prices, so just ask us for some advice).

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