• Can I Convert to or get Direct Entry to SPRAT?

    Short answer, yes you can.

    If you are the holder of either a current or date expired ARAA or IRATA qualifications & wish to convert to SPRAT you can do so by asking for direct entry.

    The SPRAT Direct Entry (DE) process is intended to allow Level 2 rope access technicians who have obtained rope access skills and experience on an industrial twin rope system, outside the SPRAT certification system, to be evaluated for SPRAT certification at a level commensurate with their skill and experience. DE certification is only available to individuals who have not previously held any SPRAT certification.

    Level 3 operators can also convert to SPRAT. The SPRAT direct entry process takes approximately six weeks, so contact us now if you’d like to know more.
If you would like to give us a call our number is 02 4784 2224, or our email is enquiries@safetyaccessrescue.com.au
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