• Why Don’t You Tag Equipment?

    Although we are obviously well placed to undertake equipment inspections, we do not offer a PPE Tagging Service. Why don’t we offer to Tag your PPE?

    The issues with tagging of PPE and so forth are these:

      1. It is not a legislative requirement.

      2. No PPE manufacturer actually warrants or requires the placing of third party inspection tags on their products.

      3. There is no formal national qualification for this type of inspection work per se. Many people erroneously understand this as something ‘riggers’ are qualified to do. This is absolutely not the case. There is no component of the rigging competency skill set that covers height PPE inspection. Rigging by definition is ‘moving and securing loads’. The actual inspection criteria is listed in AS 1891 Fall Arrest Systems and Devices (a voluntary standard by the way) and can be performed by any ‘competent person’.

      4. The tagging of height PPE has become a potted industry in Australia & many companies offering it are doing so under false pretences, usually lumping it in with the inspection of lifting equipment or in some cases even electrical tagging. Please note this tagging process does not happen in either Europe or North America, only Australia.

      5. Plastic zip tags create hazards when placed on harnesses and the like, especially on connection point D rings. As an example,in over 16 years of running programs, a plastic zip inventory tag has been the source of the only single incident that has ever occurred (nasty finger cut & nothing to do with what we were doing). Compliance tags on D rings have been the cause of at least one definite and a few other suspected fatalities in Australia where the operator connected into the tag instead of the D ring (the fatality occurred in WA in a shaft).

      6. The tagging phenomenon has created a culture where operators are only now looking for a tag before they don a harness, not doing a ‘pre use inspection’ which is the preferred option. The skill to do this (and deem the person a competent person) is, or very well should be, part of a basic height safety course… it certainly is on ours. The danger with yearly tagging is that the harness is only really valid at time of inspection, not 6 weeks or 6 months down the track.

    To conclude, we actively discourage tagging of PPE and other height related equipment. It is in effect counter productive and potentially dangerous. When equipment is checked (by a third party or whoever) the results should be logged in a PPE register only.

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