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Work Safety Inspections

A WORKSAFE targeted inspection program of construction sites in the South West of WA has revealed some areas of concern, but generally good compliance standards.But, despite the overall good results, some areas of concern were identified including in relation to electricity.Inspectors said some portable electrical equipment was not being tested and tagged because local electrical […]

WorkCover NSW Releases Guide to Improve Saefty in Housing Construction Industry

Workcover NSW today released a new guide to assist small businesses working in the residential construction sector meet their workplace safety responsibilities.  “The pack highlights some common safety requirements within the residential building sector and is designed to deliver safety outcomes that are comparable to other sectors of the construction industry.” Read More

Survey Exposes Workers’ Sunlight Danger

A national survey released today indicates employers need to provide better workplace protection against direct sunlight.  Council chairman Bill Scales says that although most employers provide their workers with adequate overall protection in the workplace, nearly one in five workers exposed to direct sunlight were given no protection at all. Read  More

Worker Admits Role in Deadly Fall

A second man has pleaded guilty to manslaughter in a “highly unusual” case involving an industrial accident at Bennets Green more than five years ago.  Richard Kevin Thirkell, of Newcastle, was a roof plumber on an Abdon Close worksite when Edgeworth mother Judith Davis, 41, fell 9.6 metres through a roof to her death on […]

ARAA Proposed Procedure – Poor Anchor Point Sites

The ARAA has identified that many sites continue being fitted with poorly designed, installed, documented and marked anchor installations.  This leads to significant issues for our industry and we (the ARAA) have acted on this by running public information sessions and by developing an anchor code which has since been freely available to the general […]