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SAR Tech Tips: Rope Maintenance and Lifespan

In the vertical world, your ropes are literally your lifeline. It’s therefore critically important to know how best to care for your ropes, and how to tell when it’s time to retire them. Wash your rope Whether you’re in an industrial or wilderness setting, your ropes are going to get dirty. Dirt and other contaminants can drastically reduce the working life […]

SAR Tech Tips: Anchor Compliance

Anchor testing and compliance: some things to consider… Installed fall protection anchors are a common feature in many workplaces today but many people don’t fully understand the requirements of ongoing anchor maintenance and compliance testing. Fall protection or work in suspension (rope access) anchors must meet a minimum 15kN (or ‘Kilonewton’, approximately 1,500kg) strength rating for single person […]

SAR Tech Tips: Petzl Descenders

The Petzl Rig, Petzl I’D & Petzl I’D Evac are all very similar and function in much the same way. There are, however, important differences rope technicians and rescuers need to be aware of. The Rig The Rig came about as an industrial / rescue replacement for the venerable Gri Gri (a recreational climbing belay […]

SAR’s Annual Technical Equipment Sale

It’s that time of year again! SAR’s annual technical equipment sale is happening on Friday 14th June from 10am-4pm. There’ll be fantastic prices on a huge selection of clearance items. We have great specials on 11mm static rope, from just $2.50 a metre. We’re clearing out loads of gear at or below cost, including Petzl […]

SMC Launches the Vector

For those in the know, the SMC Vector has been an eagerly awaited addition to the SMC stable. Known and respected for their high quality gear, SMC have ensured that their new monopod reflects all of their experience and the know how of a range of experts. We’ve attached the SMC Product Bulletin if you’re […]

CMC Launches New Branding

CMC has just launched a new look and feel for their brand. The change to their brand reflects both that their products are more diverse than what the word ‘rescue’ implies and that most people already refer to them as just CMC rather than CMC Rescue. The new branding includes a new website for their […]

CMC Rescue Product Information Notice

Some CMC Rescue Sewn-Loop Prusiks and Bound-Loop Prusiks were labeled with the MBS figures reversed (kN transposed with Ibf – See Information Notice for detailed image). Although function is not affected, any incorrectly labeled products can be replaced upon request. We have contacted all of our customers who have been affected, but if you believe […]

CMC Rescue MPD Inspection Notice

CMC Rescue has received a very limited number of reports of one or more of the MPD cover plate cap screws found to be loose. CMC Rescue has determined that this condition does not present a safety hazard to users. If during visual inspection any of the fasteners are found to be loose, please contact […]

SafeWork NSW Highlight Height Safety in Newsletter

The most recent edition of the SWW the newsletter from SafeWork NSW has a great article on workers and working at heights. Entitled ‘It’s Not Always a Long Way Down’, the article summarises some recent accidents (and the fines imposed on those found at fault); points out that 19 people have died after falling from […]

New Petzl Products for 2017 Announced

Petzl has announced the new additions to their 2017 Professional product range. It includes some great new lightweight versions of the Falcon and OK carabiner. To find out more, click the link below. Sneak Preview – Petzl Professional 8 November 2016