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Hardware Serial Numbers

How to Age your Gear Petzl Most current Petzl products will have the following serial number configuration, in which the first two numbers indicate the year of manufacture and the following letter indicates the month of manufacture. e.g. A = January, B = February, and so on: Petzl products made prior to 2016 may have […]

SAR Tech Tip: CMC AZTEK ProSeries System

The CMC AZTEK (AriZona Technician’s Edge Kit) is an incredibly versatile ‘set of fours’ that can be used in more than a hundred different roles and contexts. The AZTEK ProSeries System is the first AZTEK system to be NFPA certified for General Use, with an MBS of 38kN. What really sets the AZTEK system apart is […]

NFPA Standards

The National Fire Protection Association ( is an international non-profit organisation, headquartered in the USA, devoted to eliminating death, injury, property and economic loss due to fire, electrical and related hazards. The NFPA develops (generally) non-binding standards across all areas of fire protection including rope rescue equipment & training. In 1983 the first NFPA rope […]

SAR Tech Tip: Trauma Shears

Trauma shears are an inexpensive, yet incredibly useful tool for every rope access or wilderness rescue technician. Much safer than using a knife whilst in suspension or fall arrest, trauma shears are a great general utility tool to cut through rope, webbing and cable ties. Care should be taken when cutting loaded synthetic fibre ropes […]

SAR Tech Tips: Petzl Grillon

The Petzl Grillon is most commonly known as a work position device (EN 358). However, this versatile device meets several other standards that often get overlooked. One of the standards the Grillon meets is EN 795: 2012 type B, meaning it can be used as a temporary anchor such as an anchor strap configuration, or […]


Advanced Techniques: TAZ LOV2

The TAZ LOV2 has a number of specialised characteristics that set it apart from other rope devices. For starters, it is both an EN rated descender and an EN rated fall arrest device. However, the real standout feature of the LOV2 is the unique ability to install the device on a loaded rope; this capability […]

SAR Tech Tips: Rope Maintenance and Lifespan

In the vertical world, your ropes are literally your lifeline. It’s therefore critically important to know how best to care for your ropes, and how to tell when it’s time to retire them. Wash your rope Whether you’re in an industrial or wilderness setting, your ropes are going to get dirty. Dirt and other contaminants can drastically reduce the working life […]

SAR Tech Tips: Anchor Compliance

Anchor testing and compliance: some things to consider… Installed fall protection anchors are a common feature in many workplaces today but many people don’t fully understand the requirements of ongoing anchor maintenance and compliance testing. Fall protection or work in suspension (rope access) anchors must meet a minimum 15kN (or ‘Kilonewton’, approximately 1,500kg) strength rating for single person […]

SAR Tech Tips: Petzl Descenders

The Petzl Rig, Petzl I’D & Petzl I’D Evac are all very similar and function in much the same way. There are, however, important differences rope technicians and rescuers need to be aware of. The Rig The Rig came about as an industrial / rescue replacement for the venerable Gri Gri (a recreational climbing belay […]