Anchor Point Testing

Safety Access & Rescue offer a complete anchor point testing and compliance statement service.

Our anchor testing service is available to building & land managers, site supervisors or other individuals & companies who have anchor systems installed. It doesn’t matter whether your anchors are on a man-made structure such as a building rooftop, or a natural surface such as a cliff face, we can help.

Mechanical testing is required every twelve months on all drilled in expansion or adhesive anchored systems designed for fall protection or work in suspension (rope access). This test must be performed by a competent person using an appropriate calibrated testing device.

Typically all friction fit (expansion) and adhesive anchored systems require a 7.5kN (roughly 750kg) axial pull test to determine that the hardware and substrate, be it concrete or rock, meets this minimum requirement. Anchors may fail this test due to concrete cancer, poor initial installation, inconsistent rock quality & so forth.

Anchor systems on buildings with metal roofs require a compliance inspection only (i.e. no mechanical testing)

Safety Access & Rescue can supply highly competent technicians and appropriate calibrated test rigs to ensure your anchors are safe and compliant. All anchor testing is backed up by a comprehensive report.

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